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Letter From Managing Director of Semper Fortis

Here's a copy of an email one of our team members received when they contacted Semper Fortis to inquire about the legitimacy of OneCoin as a genuine cryptocurrency.   Many outsiders looking in do not understand the strategy Dr. Ruja Ignatova has with our coin. That's WHY we are the fastest growing coin in the world today! 
Dear Mr. Jeff,

 A company of One Coin is indeed our customer no matter we have not put them on our web site. Due to the large amount of clients we have we are simply not able to add them all.

 The audit of the One Coin cryptocurrency has a scope as follows:

  • Assessment of the consistency of the block chain
  • Verification that no coins are mined outside of the block chain (all existing transactions are included in the block chain and are consistent).

 For verification of the transactions we have designed and performed automated tests to confirm that all transactions are:

  • Included in the block chain (there are no transactions which are not part of the block chain, meaning no coins are mined outside of the block chain);
  • Consistent (each transaction inputs and outputs correspond and could be tracked back to the very first transaction).

 For verification of the block chain we have designed and performed automated tests to confirm that all blocks are:

  • Consistent (each block is following the previous one and there are no errors in the block sequence);
  • Containing the transactions validated in the tests from the previous paragraphs.

 If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 Dian Dimitrov | Managing Partner
Semper Fortis Ltd.
A 54, William Gladstone Str. | 1000 Sofia | Bulgaria
T +359 2 44 123 79
F +359 2 44 128 79

Semper Fortis Ltd. is independent member of Morison International (

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